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Sex lubricants are great when it comes to having a great sex life particularly if you suferfrom vaginal dryness which can be irritating and painful when performing sexual intercourse or even masturbation. For a women the sex lube will work with your natural juices to make the sex even more pleasurable for you both, or it will make mastubation feel a lot more nicer and bring to a perfect climax.

For a man sex lube can be great for masturbation and of course can be used anally to if you are gay and have a partner who indulges in regular anal sex, although normally vaginal sex lubricant is different to anal sex lubricant.

Sex lubricant comes in diffent varieties including silicone-based lubricant and water-based lubricant. You will find a large range of sex lubricants ranging in price, although it's best not to buy the very cheapest, with lube you certainly get what you pay for.

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